Thursday, September 26, 2013

We need your help...

Wow. We have been so thankful for the outpouring of affirmation and care we have received since the opening of this website a few weeks ago.

Something that we have come to realize is that speaking up does not come without a financial cost.

We can write here on the website as much as we want but turning that into actual change will require funds that none of us have. (Particularly since most of us have paid thousands of dollars towards our adoptions already.)

Our hope is to raise enough money that we can engage in the following:

1. Search for and identify the biological families of children matched for adoption with members of this group. This search would be paid for by matched adoptive families and conducted by paid investigators in Haiti. Finding a child's origins without much information to work from requires financial commitment.
2. Travel costs for adoptive families in this group traveling to Haiti (for specific purposes of advocacy or providing testimony.)

3. Legal costs both in Haiti and the U.S.

4. Travel costs for adoptive families or witnesses required to meet with lawyers or give affidavits in the U.S.

5. Translation of documents from English, French and/or Creole.

Donations are not tax deductible. We are not a registered organization of any form. We are simply concerned families. We promise you our sincerest appreciation and we can outline the exact donation amounts received, dates, and how they were used with the utmost transparency via this website and/or

Please visit our rally page for more information at:

You can also help us by tweeting our rally or liking it via facebook. Both options are available on the righthand side of the rally page.

Thank you!