Family Stories

It is not easy to share a personal story of fear, heartbreak, slander or intimidation.

We are collectively embarrassed to have allowed ourselves to be misled by Giving Hope Rescue Mission, its founder and its expansive social media presence.

One of the ways we are overcoming the fear of speaking out and working to forgive ourselves for not seeing or acting on our gut checks sooner is by sharing our personal stories.

We ask that you be sensitive to each author. Every person sharing on this website has walked a hard road and some are still grieving the loss of a child, the dream of family, and the hard reality that not every organization professing Christian faith actually operates by Christian values.

Supportive and loving emails are fully welcome and will be delivered to each author.

1. Kim's Story: Money does not replace a child

2. Bekah's Story: Too many red flags to ignore

3. Shasta's Story: Truth will set me free (Part I)

4. Shasta's Story: Truth will set me free (Part II)

5. Shasta's Story: Truth will set me free (Part III)

6. Becci's Story: Complete chaos and no financial accountability 

7. Brenda's Story: We lost a year to a scam

8. Anne and Brian's Story: Supporting a mother to reunite with her child

9. It was time to find the truth... (Kim's story part II)

10. Witness Story #1: Things are not as they seem at Giving Hope Rescue Mission (from Stephanie)

11. Faked Kidnappings and a Raid (more from Shasta)

12. Witness Story #2: Troy and Tara Livesay

13. Zach and Karena's Story: We put our trust in the wrong person

14. James and Rachelle's Story: Wading through deception longing to know the truth about 3 precious children