Friday, November 20, 2015

A Warning... Heather Elyse Savage and Matranga School of Art

It’s been a long hiatus since we have posted on this blog. Since our last post, while the FBI continued its investigation surrounding her work in  Haiti, Heather Elyse Savage had all but disappeared. We shared that Heather had charges pending for child abuse/neglect, and that her children had been removed from her custody. Those charges have been settled, and she does not have legal guardianship any longer of her 7 children, though it seems she may have managed to have (illegal) physical custody of at least one of them at this time. There were court proceedings on record in this matter as recently as July 2015.

Until now, our blog has been primarily about the despicable acts that Heather has committed related to adoption fraud, misappropriation of funds, and a stunning web of deception and lies in Haiti and the US. While many stories have been shared, there are still many families who have chosen to keep their stories private as they continue to struggle to bring their adopted kids to the US (years after their adoptions were completed in Haiti). We hope to continue to share some of these with you in the coming weeks.

But we have discovered that Heather is once again putting children and families in danger.  We have been alerted that Heather is currently involved with an organization called Matranga School of Art. As the website states, the school has been housing adopted children with attachment concerns, especially those whose families are considering adoption disruption. But we have also been informed by several sources, that Heather herself (through Matranga) is re-homing children that are coming to their respite program.

matranga school.png

The Matranga School of Art was incorporated in the State of Washington on August 5, 2015…
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.02.38 PM.png

It was incorporated by Johnnie (aka, Rocky) Matranga. The Matranga School of Art facebook page however was posting publicly since June 2015, and hosted a graduation from their 9 week program in September.

The week of August 7, 2015 Johnnie Matranga (aka Rocky)  and Heather Elyse Savage were issued a marriage license in Pierce County, WA.
heather marraige license.png

According to several sources, Heather has been attending conferences and retreats, as well as posting in private facebook groups, for families of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder and for families who have disrupted or are considering disrupting their adoptions. She has been targeting these vulnerable and hurting families to recruit students for their school. It seems that she has been misrepresenting her own role at Matranga School of Art. She presents herself as a mother who has re-homed children through Matranga, who now volunteers with them. She has been very careful to keep her name off the Matranga School of Art website and facebook page.

Heather has also mentioned her plans to several sources to start a second Matranga School of Art in the state of Oklahoma.

We are very concerned about this turn of events, and desire to widely spread this information in hopes that Heather is not able to continue hurting vulnerable families and children any longer. Please share this information widely, especially among adoptive families. And please let us know if you have any further information.