Saturday, August 17, 2013


This is a space created by adoptive parents who have used, are in the process of using, or have considered using Giving Hope Rescue Mission creche and/or its partner agency, Voice of the Orphan, to adopt a child from Haiti.

Whether you have arrived here fearful, angry, or just curious our goal is to provide a safe place where families can connect and feel supported.

In our interactions with Giving Hope Rescue Mission and Voice of the Orphan we experienced and/or witnessed deceptive adoption practices, manipulation of emotions, and triangulation of families. Combined with the use of scripture, these techniques kept us submissive, they prevented us from sharing our concerns or asking legitimate and reasonable questions.

Our mission:

To see Voice of the Orphan President, Tim Rowe, be held accountable to his contracted adoption clients by the adoption, missions and legal community. 

We call upon Mr. Rowe to recognize and validate the grave concerns voiced about his partner creche Giving Hope Rescue Mission. 

Our ultimate hope is to witness an end to the cycle of poor adoption practices committed by Tim's cofounder of Giving Hope Rescue Mission, American adoption facilitator, Heather Elyse.

Additionally, we seek to restore the reputation of families and missionaries who have been the victims of slander and libel by Heather Elyse.

On this website we have organized information under the tabs section at the top.

Whether you are here angry, curious or fearful please take some time to read each tab before contacting us.  (More tabs will be added shortly.)

We believe that we can make a real difference by speaking with one voice and providing information publicly.

Many of us have attempted this dialogue on the adoption support forum 'Adopting From Haiti' and on the now defunct Voice of the Orphan adoptive families group. Some of us have contacted or met with Voice of the Orphan staff by email, in person and by phone. Without fail the result has been a lack of concern. Zero change accomplished. And for some of us the screeching halt of our adoption process and harassment by other families in process.

Because of this pattern, we will not have open comments. If after reading through the tabs you would like to contact us please do so at the gmail address provided.

We will do our best to respond and will add testimony here as it is shared with us. If all you need is support and do not want your testimony shared, one of us will call you. Please leave your phone number in your email.

We will not engage with, respond to, or allow ourselves to be bullied by Voice of the Orphan staff, Heather Elyse, or Voice of the Orphan's lawyer. The abuse and harassment has gone on long enough. We do not seek reconciliation with abusers. Please know that if that is your goal (continued abuse), your email message will be shared among all members of this website and posted to this website publicly with your name.

With sincere hope and prayers that this will finally make a difference,

Concerned Families